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Sploosh is a top down, puzzle adventure game where you use your bouncy ball skills to explore a beautiful underwater realm. Control the pixelated hero, Sploosh to complete puzzles and navigate the underwater temple to collect hidden keys.

Made in 48 hours for the 2021 Global Game Jam!


Please set the resolution to the highest possible setting before playing. We weren't able to fix the problem with the default setting being super low before time ran out! If you don't do this before playing all the textures will be super blurry! D:


W A S D to walk
Q & E to rotate camera
Left click to shoot
Right click on the ball to return it (if you have line of sight)
R to reset room (use if you get stuck, or something breaks!)

Meet the team:


Jibrill Murphy | Twitter | Itch

Rhys Adams


Blake Tighe

Ryan Pallesen | Website

Tarn Cooper

Jonathan Nemec


Hannah Levi | Artstation

Monika Haselhuhn | Artstation

Alyssa Barry

Sebastian Tuckwell


Luke Ashley 

Abby Phillips | SoundCloud


PanicColonyProject v3 29 MB
OLD PanicColonyProject v2.zip 26 MB

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